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Apple TV Connect overview

Apple TV Connect is a self-service tool for Apple TV Channels partners and select Video App Integrations partners with content featured in the Apple TV app. This tool helps you monitor the status of content and easily see issues such as missing artwork, metadata, or ratings. You can also check on asset deliveries, including processing and quality control (QC) status right from the Apple TV Connect dashboard.

Apple TV Connect provides an easy way to track which catalog and availability items have been ingested into the Apple system. Export reports on all titles or a filtered set of titles for an at-a-glance summary on the status of your content — so you can quickly see what’s ready to go live and what may need your attention. You can opt in to email notifications which provide insight into content that is not live or not ready for its window start date.

Apple TV Connect also allows you to program your brand page on the Apple TV app on your own and as often as you want, across multiple counties and regions. You can easily feature collections of titles showcasing new shows, seasonal selections, or shows related to cultural moments or current events.

If you’re a Channels partner looking for sales, streams, and subscription reports, go to Sales and Trends in iTunes Connect.

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