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Brand page programming

Apple TV Connect is a self-service tool for Apple TV Channels partners. For Video App Integrations, only select partners with content featured in the Apple TV app can access Apple TV Connect. If you have access to Apple TV Connect, you can now easily manage your brand page to feature collections of titles showcasing new shows, seasonal selections, or shows related to cultural moments or current events.

Collections are managed by creating shelves that appear on your brand page on the Apple TV app. You can schedule changes up to three months in advance and customize shelf and feature area programming for each country and region where your account has access. To access brand page programming, you’ll need the admin or brand page manager role in Apple TV Connect.

How to program your brand page

Go to the Programming tab in Apple TV Connect to manage your brand page. From there, use the Brand Page tab to program the featured area and shelves with titles delivered from your catalog feed. Use the Collections tab to create groups of titles so you can efficiently program shelves across multiple countries and regions.

Brand page

The Brand Page tab shows the programming selections for your brand page in the corresponding country or region, with the date and time selected at the top left of the page.

Select any country or region that your account has access to. When selecting the date and time, choose any date up to 90 days in the future. Time slots are in 30-minute intervals in the time zone local to the country or region selected.

Add a featured title

Add a title to be featured in the Epic Stage module of your brand page in the tv app after verifying the country or region, and selecting the date and time. There is a minimum a five and a maximum of 10 titles for the featured area.

  1. Click the ellipsis next to the Featured heading and click Add New Title.
  2. Search for titles in your catalog by name or content ID. Valid results appear underneath the search bar. Click Add to make your selection.
  3. Verify the assets associated with your title to be featured on all platforms. As a reminder, Epic Stage uses backdrop art, which is the same for title product pages.
  4. Click Save to see the featured title on the Brand Page tab.

Edit the featured area

Edit the featured area of your brand page by:

  • Changing the order of titles.
  • Removing a title.

To change the order of the titles in the featured area, click the ellipsis next to the Featured heading and click Change Order. To remove a title, click Remove Title.

Add a shelf

You can add a shelf after verifying the country or region and selecting the date and time. There is a minimum of five and a maximum of 10 shelves for your brand page.

  1. Click the ellipsis next to the Shelves heading and Add Shelf. This will launch the shelf programming flow.
  2. Click Choose titles. Select titles individually or choose a previously created collection from the Collections tab.
  3. Select the content type and enter a name for the shelf. These selections will inform the range of titles available for programming.
  4. Search for titles in your catalog by name or content ID. Valid results appear underneath the search bar, where you can add titles individually or all at once by clicking Add All. Once titles are confirmed, they can be reordered or removed. There is a minimum of five and a maximum of 25 titles per shelf, and you can see all titles by using the arrows on either side of the shelf.
  5. Verify the position of the newly created shelf, indicated by the New status.
  6. Click and drag any shelf to reorder it on the brand page.
  7. Click Save to see the position of the shelf on the Brand Page tab.

Edit a shelf

There are several ways to edit a shelf on your brand page:

  • Change the shelf name.
  • Update the titles on a shelf.
  • Remove a shelf.

To change a shelf’s name, click the ellipses next to the name and click Rename Shelf. Add, remove, and reorder titles from this menu by clicking Update Titles. Hovering over the space between two titles on a shelf will reveal a plus sign, providing an additional title entry point. Hovering over a title on the shelf reveals a delete icon (-), which you can click to remove a title.

Reorder a shelf

Quickly change the order of shelves on your brand page by clicking the ellipsis next to the Shelf heading and Arrange Shelves.

Revert updates

Remove any scheduled programming changes in bulk and revert back to the previous state of the brand page by clicking Revert in the date and time picker.

  1. Click the date and time picker.
  2. Navigate to when a programming update has been scheduled for the brand page.
  3. Click “Revert to” at the bottom of the calendar, indicating the previous programming date and time.


To ensure all scheduled programming reaches Apple TV app customers, follow these guidelines:

  • Titles need to be ingested into the Apple system in order to program content.
  • No more than two shelves with only five items can appear on the page.
  • Two shelves with the same first five items (in any order) cannot appear next to each other.
  • Every shelf must have a unique name.
  • If a title’s availability conflicts with its scheduled programming date, the title will be badged with a yellow warning icon.


Collections are groupings of titles you can create and save for future use to improve shelf programming efficiency. In this tab, view all collections, content, status, and when they were last modified.

Create a collection

Create a collection by clicking the plus sign at the top left of the table. After entering a name, select the country or region where the collection will be available.

The rest of the collection creation flow will mimic the shelf creation flow from the Brand Page tab. Once a collection is created, it’s inactive by default; however, you can add the collection to your brand page by going to the Add Shelf flow and choosing Add a collection.

Create a collection from the Add Shelf flow by selecting the checkbox that appears when clicking Choose titles.

Edit a collection

After a collection is placed on the brand page and becomes available to customers, it will be active. If you change the content of a collection, the change will take effect everywhere the collection lives. Any changes made to collections from the Collections tab happen immediately. Scheduled collection changes can only occur from the Brand Page tab.

Click the collection’s name, countries, or titles in the table to edit these properties. In addition, you can delete a collection by clicking the ellipses (...) at the end of the table cell.

A collection can be edited by any admin or brand page manager on your team, as long as they have access to all regions tied to that collection.

Brand cards

The brand card is the entry point to your brand page that lives on the Home and Store tabs of the Apple TV app. In the Brand Card tab, update and view the status of programmed brand cards with their associated countries or regions. All brand card programming selections are subject to Apple approval.

Update a brand card

Click the plus sign next to the Brand Cards heading.

  1. Search for a title in your catalog by name or content ID.
  2. Select the countries or regions associated with the brand card. Select the countries or regions for each card variant if localized artwork is available.
  3. Click Submit.

The brand card will be listed as In Review upon submission. You will be notified by email of either an approval or rejection when the review process has been completed.