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Content Epic Stage overview

Content Epic Stage helps users discover new movies and TV shows with static art that transitions into video in Apple TV app. Selecting a title takes a user to the Product page while the Epic Stage video continues to play. When the video is finished, it will crossfade back to the static art and remains visible until the user navigates to the next action. This feature is supported for exclusive Apple TV Channels content and not to be confused with brand epic stage. Content Epic Stage does not show automatically and needs to be programmed. Contact your Apple Business Development Representative before providing content of this type.

Epic Stage consists of the elements listed below. See Asset Guide for details about epic stage video and artwork requirements for details about static artwork.

Deliverable Platform Type Suggested Duration Dimensions File Format
Epic Stage Video Wide Apple TV, Desktop, iPad Video 30 - 40 seconds 16:9 (3840 x 2160 px) ProRes 4444, cut to cut, no black at head and tail
Epic Stage Video Tall iPhone Video 15 - 20 seconds 3:4 (1620 x 2160 px) ProRes 4444, cut to cut, no black at head and tail
Backdrop Wide Apple TV, Desktop, iPad Static  -- 4320 x 3240 px PNG
Backdrop Tall iPhone Static  -- 1680 x 3636 px PNG
Single Color Content Logo Apple TV, Desktop, iPad, iPhone Static  -- 4320 x 1300 px Transparent PNG (logo in white)


Business policy and content requirements

Ensure a smooth transition from static to video. In the first 1.5–2 seconds of video there should be:

  • No black first frame
  • No quick cuts
  • No abrupt/aggressive sound effects or music cues
  • No dialogue

Throughout the preview:

  • No title cards, studio logos, accolades or festival awards, credits, longlines or narrative title cards, CTAs (call to action)

End shot:

  • Give time to resolve and settle before transitioning back to static
  • Two seconds recommended 
  • No black last frame

Note: Design for a sound-on experience.

Epic Stage videos must not contain nudity, violence, blood, racist/hate imagery, or graphic sexual material, no guns pointed at viewer and must be suitable for all ages. Also, see Minimum Storefront Requirements to ensure the quality of content offered on the Apple TV Channels subscription service meet a set of minimum requirements for each territories.

Delivering Epic Stage video

Deliver Epic Stage video as an Extra in an iTunes Package (.itmsp) with Transporter. Each Epic Stage video asset must be delivered in its own .itmsp package, separate from related content assets. At a minimum, .itmsp package must include a metadata.xml file, video source, and captions (required only for US deliveries). Other components, such as subtitles or alternate audio, can be delivered as needed. Due to the video resolution and user experience, two separate deliveries for Epic Stage Video Wide and Epic Stage Video Tall are required.

In the metadata.xml, use featuredpromo as the <subtype> and preview as the <asset type> and supply a unique content ID ( <umc_content_id>). This ID must be referenced in the catalog and availability feeds using the contentId attribute. 

Here is an example of metadata.xml file for Epic Stage video delivery. See XML Annotations for Preview Source Delivery for full description of each block.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<package xmlns="" version="subscriptionvideo5.0">
      <title>The Featured Promo</title>
         <asset type="preview">
          <data_file role="source">
              <locale name="en-US"/>
              <checksum type="md5">fe82a79dd93a89b499aa211ab4603773</checksum>
              <attribute name="">0</attribute>
              <attribute name="crop.bottom">0</attribute>
              <attribute name="crop.left">0</attribute>
              <attribute name="crop.right">0</attribute>
          <data_file role="captions">
               <locale name="en-US"/>
               <checksum type="md5">5a793a8b46037fe8aa2bdd739b49911a</checksum>
               <attribute name="program.start.timecode">-01:00:00:00</attribute>
           <!-- additional components here -->


Catalog and availability feed data

Epic Stage video should be included in both catalog and availability feeds in order for it to go live. The contentType should be set to extra, and within the <extraInfo> block, type should be featured_promo in the catalog feed.

Here is an example of an Epic Stage video in the catalog feed:

<item contentId="123A" contentType="extra">
        <title locale="en-US">An amazing Epic Stage video</title>
            <relatedItem relatedContentId="SHOW_1" relatedContentType="tv_show"/>


Control the availability of Epic Stage video in your availability feed. As with other items in the availability feeds, use the same content ID for the Epic Stage item provided in the catalog feed and the asset’s metadata.xml file. The variant ID also should match what is provided with the asset’s metadata.xml file. The offeringType should be set to free so all users can view.

Here is an example of a Epic Stage in the availability feed:

<item contentType="extra" contentId="123A" catalogId="com.catalog.acme" variantId="1">