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Manage feeds with partner manifest

A partner manifest is a collection of configurations for catalog and availability services for a content provider, or alternatively, a feed that describes a content provider’s catalog and availability feeds. This is the ideal method for managing feeds for providers with a large volume of services. The partner manifest data is delivered through the UMC Data Ingest Service.

As a content provider, you’ll implement the UMC Partner Manifest Data Interface to configure catalog and availability services. Services are grouped within your brands, which are associated with your iOS or tvOS app. For more about brands, refer to the Apple TV App and Universal Search Getting Started document or contact your Apple Technical Partner Representative.

To prepare partner manifest data for ingestion:

  1. Register your brand ID with Apple.
  2. Define service IDs and catalog IDs registered in UMC catalog and availability feeds. Services (identified by the value provided for serviceId) and catalogs (identified by the value provided for catalogId) must be unique and appear only once in the feed.
  3. Implement the partner manifest feed with the data requirements described in the Partner Manifest specifications. The feed must contain data for only one content provider (partner).
  4. Provide Apple with the HTTPS endpoint information for your content. This endpoint will be periodically accessed by the UMC Data Ingest Service.

To ensure security, the endpoint must support the HTTPS protocol using a certificate issued by a well-known certificate authority. For further security, limit endpoint access by IP range, use HTTP authentication, or force client-based certificate authentication.

For more detailed information on how to prepare a partner manifest, visit the UMC Partner Manifest Data Interface Specifications and reach out to your Apple Technical Partner Representative for implementation.