May 21, 2024

Updated UMC Catalog and Availability Data Interface specification

The UMC Catalog Data Interface Specification has been updated. Notable updates include:

  • New title type “original” to indicate the title of the content in the country and language where it was first released or produced.
  • The option to provide IMDB identifiers as external IDs.

Additional updates to the UMC Availability Data Interface Specification are as follows:

  • Updated playable properties schema. This is not a backward compatible change.
  • New playable properties to support 3D content.
  • A new locator type to support specifying locators for VisionOS.
  • Primary locale made required for audio locales.
  • The ability to explicitly specify timed text locale types (e.g. subtitles) to be ignored.
  • Verbiage for dictionary for audio formats updated for DD5.1 and DD7.1+.
  • Verbiage for device location restrictions updated to indicate that this is supported for Apple Subscription Video services.

Please note that if you update to 3.6, you cannot revert to a previous spec version.