November 17, 2022

Apple TV app specifications and tools updates

Here are a few updates to Apple’s feed specifications and tools to help you manage your Apple TV Channels and Video App Integrations content.

Specification updates

Asset specifications

Along with Dolby Vision and HDR10, the Apple TV app now plays HDR10+ on supported devices and displays. No additional HDR metadata is required or can be submitted to create this format.

Feed specifications

The Partner Manifest specifications documentation has migrated to the UMC Catalog and Availability Data Interface Specifications. If you bookmarked the Partner Manifest specifications at its old location, update the URL.

Tool updates

Media Feed Validator

A new version of Media Feed Validator is now available. Some of the validations have been adjusted for clarity, and you now have the option to validate a Partner Manifest independently of the feeds within it. Contact your Apple Technical Partner Representative if you need assistance accessing the update.

Parallax Exporter

Parallax Exporter has been updated with a new plug-in. Make sure to download the latest version for macOS and Windows.

Manage feeds with Sequence

Sequence is an Apple-built web tool that helps you create and maintain catalog and availability XML feeds that comply with UMC specifications for Apple TV Channels and Video App Integrations. Reach out to your Apple Technical Partner Representative to get access and training for Sequence.

Learn more about Sequence